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April 26, 2007


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The scarf is coming out very cute - but the shawl is nice too (thanks for the link!). I think I have this yarn in my stash....hmm....the shawl is really cute...Glad you got your pictures back!


Oh wow - I love the Chevron scarf - the Lornsa Laces works really well with the sakura. It's really bright and vibrant and very very pretty.


I vote for the scarf, it's beautimous. So are your soaps. They look like little individually wrapped candies! I think I'm going to go back up the pictures right now, and the downloaded knitting patterns! I only ever back up the checking account(the bare minimum).

Karen in Toledo

Keep going on the scarf! The two yarns together are gorgeous! Your soaps are so pretty all wrapped up. The Mary Engelbreit stickers add a sweet touch. :-)

Bella is beautiful and serious.

frecklegirl jess

Oh boy, those soaps look so great- like the happiest little presents!

I am totally doing a chevron scarf. Oh well, can't beat em, join em. ;)

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