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May 01, 2007


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Awww, look how little Tucker was! I love how Nick's iPod sock turned out! Cool striping and the medallion goes perfect with it.


Cute bunny! We keep on thinking about getting an angora bunny...very cute iPod case - I really should make one for me - so thanks for the idea!


Awwww! The bunny is so cute. If it weren't for having 2 house cats I might seriouly think about a bunny. I had no idea you could train them for vocal commands. If I use a vocal "command" on my cats all they do is back talk-like a teenager.

Cool iPod covers too!

Karen in Toledo

Is your bunny litter box trained too? He is so cute on his leash! The one photo really shows how velvety his fur is.

Love the iPod covers, especially your son's.


That bunny is way too cute! Check out the dishcloth swap site for a little contest that I put together! Hope you are having fun so far.

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