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July 23, 2007


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I love it and the yarn you chose is so pretty!


I love the scarf .... and everything looks better when it's modeled by a cute little baby.


The scarf looks fantastic... that's an excellent display of perserverance. Great job! I have a friend knitting that pattern who keeps running into trouble, too. Godd for you for sticking with it!

Karen in Toledo

Your scarf is beautiful! Cheers to you for sticking to it.


Oh! It turned out great! Such a happy color! ;o)


I´ve just clicked through from Ger at Turtleknits blog. Glad I´ve made the connection, and will keep reading. That scarf is beautiful!


I am in love with your scarf. The yarn color really brightens up the day!
BTW, I just clicked over from Karen's blog, T-Town Knitiot.


I found you through the Knitty-a-long. Your Montego Bay Scarf is the prettiest I've seen yet. I love the way the color changes work with that pattern.


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