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October 25, 2007


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OH MY GOSH does she look adorable in that hat :) I hope you all had fun, I was too much of a wuss to stroll around the zoo in this cold weather...brrrr!


Tinkerbella is adorable! I love her punkin hat too. =) I'm impressed that you mastered montego. I've put it down three times now because I just can't get the pattern! It's so frustrating.

Karen in Toledo

Tinkerbella is adorable! I love the hat! The 2nd version of Montego bay turned out terrific. :-)


Tinkerbella looks so cute in her hat and the yarn you knit it with makes the hat look really soft and squishy. I can see that she thought it was a whole lot of fun! LOL Your scarf, too, looks wonderful. Well done, for mastering the pattern.

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